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New Comehc – Space and Dance

  This one is for Yesca. A fun summer project to embark on, methinks. And it’s sort of writerly, right? I mean, this doesn’t mean I’m neglecting writerly duties, does it? Anyhow, gonna try to update this blog more. <–Broken record engaged. The premise: A MUSICAL…IN SPACEEEEE??  Space and Dance, Scene One.


I’m all spread like butter…or something.

I can’t seem to keep things together in one place. Major class-related blogging goin’ on here – Hybridization and there was once some very unprofessional stuff here – Lawn Order and random wtf of england (but not marriages, thank god ) here – Brit Lit Ahoy! (No. I wasn’t serious. Not really.) and look! Here’s … Continue reading


The Snow-Dalek of Contemplation…

…alright. So I’m gonna try my damnedest to get this blog off the ground again. Why, you ask? Because…I said so. And because I can feel like a productive member of writerly communities only once I start, erm, writing.There are many things I should have documented as they happened – from my awesome experiences at … Continue reading


Lawn Order that I’ve actually got an audience for it and a few devoted (mental?)  readers, perhaps the comic/manga project I’ve been working on should see the light of day here as well. Let there be mowers! Here’s a link to Herby’s Turf  - the Lawn Order blog.


A Thrilling German Projekt!

Well, sorta. Not. Made a comic book about a terrible kid who travels back in time to the Victorian Age. Havoc ensues when he can’t find a way to charge his ipod. This blog has made me realize that I should never have a blog. I’m am plagued with the disease of not-giving-a-fluff. Here’s some … Continue reading



Finally allowed to publicize joyous news: By some ungodly and simultaneously awesome miracle, I’ve been accepted into Clarion Writers’ Workshop. I can’t find words to describe how much this means to me…ironic, since this is a writing workshop. I received the good news almost a week ago, now, and balled my eyes out. My sister … Continue reading


So…I’m a bit behind on this one, but…

…apparently HBO has greenlighted (greenlit? Meh!) George R.R. Martin’s “Game of Thrones.” Who’dathunk?! Nice article here:


Some evil thing inside me  - namely, the urge for story inspiration – enticed me to climb up to my bedroom and open the infamous bottom drawer of my bureau. Along with a few live kittens, a laser-gun, and several miscellaneous action figures, I pulled from it an ancient, scraggly binder from my high school … Continue reading


Current Projects

Several short stories are being reviewed by publishers, and I’m duct-taping together a novella about necromancy (NOT necrophilia, despite what a friend of mine mistakenly shouts out to everyone who wants to know what I’m up to),  a novel about college payments (BUT WITH AWESOME EPIC THRILLS, DEAR AUDIENCE!), and a children’s story about monsters … Continue reading

The National perform “Terrible Love” on Fallon – And it Isn’t Meh

The National seem determined to outdo themselves once again, despite the fact that keep making it increasingly harder to do. Their newest track from forthcoming album “High Violet” is sheer awesomeness. That’s pretty astounding, since this is their fifth full-length studio album and they’ve only ever gotten better at expressing American things that Americans don’t … Continue reading


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